Do you pay for
your prescriptions?

Prescriptions are free for:

  • Men and women over sixty
  • Pregnant women with a valid maternity certificate
  • Children under sixteen or up to nineteen in full-time education
  • Mothers of babies under twelve months
  • People who receive income support (check list on Form P11 from Social Security or Post Office)
  • People with family credit
  • Certain chronic conditions
  • Pre-Payment Certificates


If you are not entitled to free prescriptions, a ‘season ticket’ may save you money. This is a pre-payment certificate, please ask Reception for details.

Repeat Supplies of Medicine

Repeat prescriptions are for patients with long-term conditions who receive regular treatment. From time to time we will ask you to see the doctor or nurse to review your medication. You can now order your repeat supplies of medicine online. If you have registered with us for this service you will have been provided with login details. For more information please navigate to our Access Online Page.

If you need medicines regularly you can use the Access Online Page or come in and leave a request, you can also write in to the surgery.

We do NOT accept telephone requests. Additionally, we need up to 48 hours notice to act on your request.

Patients taking a large number of regular medications may find blister packs more useful. Please ask at reception for more details.

How do I Order my Repeat Prescription?

Patient Login